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The President's proposals for nationalized healthcare, is figured to cost from 20% to 30% of our Gross National Product (GNP).Medicare and Social Security already account for 40% of our federal budget, ..these new expenses will push further up medical expenditures to keep us alive, ..up to more than half, ..maybe to two-thirds of our Federal Budget to keep ourselves alive, and still walking around.But for what? ..We won't be able to afford housing, or college, or one of those new government autos.We are going to spend all our money, just to keep a "breathing body" alive.Who knows if that "breathing body" will be able to find a job, ..or food, ..or a house,..We DO know that ACORN can corral all "breathing bodies" together, to vote for whomever the Democrats ask them to vote for.I guess that's enough progress for one nation's history, eh??---UURRRGGHHHH, .."Nurse!, ..Nurse!, ..Where's my glass of water???"
Should it change? What does that say about society if it would have an impact on the quality of teaching? Would students graduating today be different people than students who were taught by society's economic elite?
I'm having to write an essay on the above topic, and I'm at a loss to find any advantages with fee-paying systems, i.e. where you pay for your college or university tuition. I'd love to hear any opinions you have on the subject, from any point of view. Obviously, I'm not expecting whole essays here, just a few points that can be researched further and/or explored. Thanks in advance!
I'm having to write an essay on the topic "should education be free?"and, while exploring different points of view, I came to wonder howstudents in different systems/countries pay for their tuition/cost ofliving etc. Swedish higher education is provided free of charge throughpublic funding, but students have to pay any course material,literature and of course living expenses. I would be grateful for anyinput from those of you with first-hand experience. Thanks in advance!
What culture, or society... and what do you suppose (opinion) motivated someone to take other people's children and teach them...When did it shift from solely being the parent's responsibility?
A book by Robert G. Owens called Organizational Behavior in Education Adaptive Leadership and School Reform Eighth Edition
I want a career in Computor Generated Imagery,What training or degree field should I employ to obtain this goal?
Billy And The Rockets
I would like to earn more money in Texas, I have a bachelors degree but it's not enough! I am broke! My husband lost his job right before christmas and I have been a house wife for the last ten years!