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Tags: economy
What is the best towing capacity for fuel economy. Decent fuel economy is at least 20 mpgc and towing should be over 4000
Who knows aver. price of home 1960s vs 2008?Minimum wage 1960s vs 2008 ?Auto new and used 1960svs 2008? etc.etc.......?
Tags: economy
Our 2003 Silverado 1500 4.8L Quad Cab w/ a 6 foot bed gets about 16 mpg with Walmart Gas. Now if we pay the extra 10 cents and get gas at Marathon or Speedway we get 20+ miles to the gallon. Walmart gas contains up to 15% ethanol, while Speedway and Marathon is straight gas. Do people realize that if this the case, we might as well start paying more for straight gas. Really, the more expensive gas goes farther and keeps you from filling up more. I notice that my 1972 Chevy Bel Air 350 2bbl gets better gas mileage with Marathon/Speedway gas but I never have figured up the fuel usage on it.
With gas prices at their lowest in five years, holiday travel just got a bit more inviting. Will you be taking advantage of that or staying close?
Should you chance it even if your to young to recieve social security benefits?Would it be worth it to retire and then move on to something else?
What has to be done to bolster growth in cities such as Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, Utica and Albany? Is the geographic location of these cities (close to Both the Northeast Corridor, the developed part of Canada and large shipping routes desireable to industry and commerce? What can be done to improve this?
war ended say tomorrow? Give this some thought as there would be considerable money and contracts ended and a large flow of funds would cease to exist. This is one reason they used to talk about not putting certain parties in office because that party wanted wars to help the economy.