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In these hard times, many people find themselves making difficultdecisions with their money. Often, the first things to go are the arts;movies, concerts, museums, galleries. Why do you think it's importantto keep culture a part of your life?
when we owe trillions to other countries. The USA is forced to borrow a couple BILLION each DAY.Should this be shoved onto later generations or do you favor government taking 40 or 45% of us workers' incomes so the nations doesn't hae to borrow from the rest of the world, daily, simply to operate?
Oil is not going to become more plentiful - EVER.Why aren't we pushing for more hybrids or all-electric cars? Only GM is working on an all-electric car slated for 2010, and that's not 100% certain.Why aren't we generally pushing for 45 MPG or better on as many vehicles as we can?Wars have been waged and won with a dedicated American work force. Where is that ingenuity and drive today?
Just wondering what you think will do for economy...What do you think about CEO's of oil companies pading their pocket....THink they're greedy/?? THink they can take less then what they are at present, to drop prices?? DID another refinery close , blow up what the HECK is the deal, if u know let me know
it comes to thousands of dollars over the cost of the loan. help. i need to make the decision now. i have to pick up my new car.

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