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Cutey With A Booty I wonder... if our economy right now is "strong"... when exactly is our economy ever "weak" then?
The current Congress has an approval rating even lower than President Bush. Congress has much more control over economic factors than the President does. A bad economy would favor A democratic nominee for President. Do you think that they could have done more to help the economy but did not because it would help republicans win the white house? Should we reward that by Electing a Democrat to the Presidency? I have seen arguments that they only have a slim margin and not enough to override a Bush veto so they could not do anything but is that an excuse to not try at least you are on the record for making an attempt?Do you think John McCain would play that kind of political game considering his stand on the surge?
Red Dragon
Please give me statistics to back up the points. I need long answers. For debate purpose.
Some say that we are close to the bottom of the recent market drops. Others have said we might end up in a depression. What is your take?
Is the Peso is looking more and more valuable compared to the Dollar?
Dr. Wolfman
All kinds of things are running through my mind, but what about you? Share with me what your thoughts are? thanks :)
Albert Page
I don't know the answer and won't pretend too. I want answers because the thought popped into my mind and I am curious. What would happen if the government said something like "if anyone invests their money into stocks, mutual funds, etc between October 3rd and the will never have to pay taxes on that investment when you decide to sell it." My first thought is people might sell before the 3rd and buy again. But, they would pay taxes on their sell before the 3rd so it isn't too smart to do this. The idea being that a lot of people are hording money right now because of the economy. It might also get people who haven't invested before to do so now. This would get money back into the market. What kind of impact do you think this would have overall if any?Also -note that people won't be selling their stocks or mutual funds at the same time. Maybe this month for one guy - maybe 30 years from now for another. So the taxes not being paid wouldn't affect us really.
Tags: economy
I bought $200 of silver a few weeks ago at 20.50 an ounce. Now its $2 lower. Should I sell it now to avoid a huge loss or wait possibly years to get a fair price for it?
"Hillary Rodham Clinton’s cash-strapped presidential campaign has been putting off paying hundreds of bills for months — freeing up cash for critical media buys but also earning the campaign a reputation as something of a deadbeat in some small-business circles. A pair of Ohio companies owed more than $25,000 by Clinton for staging events for her campaign are warning others in the tight-knit event production community — and anyone else who will listen — to get their cash upfront when doing business with her. Her campaign, say representatives of the two companies, has stopped returning phone calls and e-mails seeking payment of outstanding invoices. One even got no response from a certified letter."
What is your opinion of the state of the economy?