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Our congressmen are holding hearings on the most important legislation our country has seen in 50 years....all about the economy and why this bailout is soo necessary. Why are they qualified? Are you? Is Obama....because he's an attorney -- or McCain because he's been in the Senate over 20 years? ('course they aren't even there), but I think you understand what I mean. What makes our politicians qualified to tweak and tear apart this legislation? The answer is, they're not. If they don't trust the experts, get new experts, I say. What say you?
"which modules should be preferably be studied?"
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Elton John
My lecturer talked about it today, but I didn't understand what he was saying about it. Thanks.
Mankind has been gathering wealth from our earliest existence. Wealth, because of it's value, is seldom lost, but changes hands. Do people behave as if money spent, ceases to exist? More importantly, do they apply these misconceptions to greater economic concepts where their lack of faith in the money's existence, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy?
what did you buy?What store did you buy it from? How much did you spend?Why did you choose that product?Is this a brand you usually buy? Was it on line or in a store?Thanks. You don't have to go fish for the receipt and read off the who thing. anything that you can remember from memory will be fine.
it is very important to study economics in schools,so what are the importance of studying economics?
The word Economics comes from the greek word oikos (house) and nomos (custom or law), hence "rules of the house(hold)". But who was the economist who "invented" this word???