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I'll put "global warming" under world economic growth, ..and local "job security" under wealth redistribution (..Do I need a placeholder for "Personal Fulfillment"? .."Religious Fulfillment? .."World Economy"? ..or "Honest Government"?) ..Of the above choices, which is YOUR most personal concern?
Cutey With A Booty
6.5% unemployment, 250,000 jobs loss in October. Christmas retail shopping is projected to be dismal.... Why isn't Bush trying to do something???
Golden Throne with his Gold enladen Robe and wearing a Gold Cross bigger than Mr. T's? He makes the church look like nothing more than one big hypocritical oxy moron...Oh, and if you ever meet him, you're supposed to kiss his gigantic golden ring.
And if so, how? Eating at home as opposed to eating out? Using the coffee pot instead of Starbucks? Making extra of something and freezing it?Thanks everyone!
I am a major international corporation with a literary-inspired name and logo. The tie between novel and store makes a colorful story, may be apocryphal. My name is shared by a cost-conscious male ship?s officer. My products are ironically high-priced indulgences. My logo is a potentially dangerous woman, often a symbol of bad luck, but she smiles for me. She posed no danger for my eponym, who faced a much larger, paler threat and perished in the fight.