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I often evaluate stocks by comparing average daily volume as a percentage of market cap. I am familiar with bar charts that contain volume information. I was wondering if there was a more automated approach that would save me from calculating and comparing.
Auto Impaired
I really AM in the market for a dog under 30 lbs when grown that is smarter than your average rock and doesn't have a bladder the size of a pea (no pun intended), One that has the energy of my exotic shorthair cat (they don't get much more laid back). Suggestions?
actually not playing hard to get but trying their best to run away from you for good? [Just curious, I am not the chaser or vice versa ]. On the same line, Physics was really hard for me. Why did I not chase it then if the above is true??
I'm trying to free up some space on my computer... is there any way to find, say, files in a certain size range? I could sort search results, but that requires a search query, which would by nature narrow the range of results. In other words, I want to search for big files, not search for something else and just sort by size.