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When I first went to the setup program, only WAN 1 had a D. IP Address. Then I moved around the 4 modem cables and when I went back into the setup, WAN 1 and WAN 2 had Dynamic IP address, but 2 and 3 did not.
trying to load a security disk, but keep getting the error message about the KERNEL32.dll file. How do I fix it?
My OS: Windows Vista Ultimate My essential hardware configurations: "XFX GeForce 7200GS PCI-E Video Card (100% OpenGL Compliant, TurboCache Supported, RoHS Compliant, Vista Ready)"; 2 GB RAM. As a compability guarantee: My PC can run high definition multimedia games which have fog effects without any trouble.
To me there is no difference between human learned instructions, rules, laws that define predictable results, vs. computer software. All in all they rely on variables, instructions, branching conditional statements, process identities, and lastly instruction threads for processes that have multiple simultaneous instruction sets that eventually lead to a final decision based on multiple inputs.