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I have dream at least twice that my dad was ill and dying. My father has died 4 mouths ago and i did have to deal with his illness and dying in real life.Why now am I dreaming about it all over again. He dies the same ways but I still have the same stress and grief feeling. I know for sure he has trying to stop me by not to go outside and yet has telling me with his hand to leave him go away that was in the first dream. and my second dream the same dream but monster are trying to kill us!!! yet he telling me to run but don't go outside as we would die from a bomb or something all i seen was people walking out side and turning into bright red then to ashes Not sure why and what he telling me and i wake up with lost of breath i couldn't breath from me crying so much all i know is that i was gasping for air .please help me with the meaning of this dream?
all go is that beautiful, then i am half in love with easeful death". Are you afraid to die? What in your imagination will the world be where you would like to go after death?
what do it mean to talk to dead people in your dreams