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I downloaded Google Earth 4.3, no problems, but the newest version (Google Earth 4.3 Beta) requires you to install Google Updater first, and use that to install the new Google Earth.However, no matter how many times I've tried, the Google Updater will not let me install it. I tried downloading it at work, but it said my server required a username and password. That bothered me enough, so I went home and tried to download it there and it keeps saying "Can not locate server" or something. I've tried so many times, no change.I've tried searching on the internet for direct links or copies of it somewhere else so I can just download the setup program myself (without the annoying Google Updater), but everything I've found is only for Google Earth 4.3, not the BETA version (which has a few more features).Does anyone have the ACTUAL direct link to the BETA version of Google Earth 4.3, or do you know of a copy of it somewhere else?Thank you in advance
I have downloaded Windows 7 onto my computer and have a DVD+RW disk and DVD-RW drive. When I insert the DVD into the drive and then drag the file onto the DVD drive in computer it says "Please insert a disk".
I am trying to download MySQL, but I do not know what to download out of the Windows list or how to open it. Thanks!
Tina Nichole Walker
What happens if I am downloading something and the internet became disconnected? Can I go on with the downloading once the connection is restored?
I have redownloaded Java,Active X, shockwave etc. but still doesn't work what am I missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The diskette was used to access and copy a doc from a pc and the data area now has a copy of the floppy boot sector (all 512 bytes) in the data area of the diskette. I don't understand how this can happen. This was done in a windows os.Any likely scenarios?
Ok I have abusifly tried to "install" this game. It never work!! It always has an error some place or another. What could this be?? Bad data? Just anything, but I really want to play this game so any help will be appreciated. Some of the errors were CRC Mismatches and some where bad data patches so there.