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Aren't you just about DIEING right about now from all the hair?!?!?!?! I have (or have had in the past) Australian Shepherds, Afghan Hounds, Golden Retreivers, Flat Coated Retreivers, and tons of other dogs with long coats, and NOTHING compares to my two Akitas and my GSD that i have now. Their coats are so thick and the double coated-ness is killing me!!! I blow them out with the reverse setting on the vacuum a couple times while they are bolwing their coats, and we still have furballs big enough to make 3 other dogs! And of course i am always brushing, and plucking, and combing to get the hair out, and it just keeps coming!!!! If you fellow DCD owners have any tips, they're much appreciated. Leah and the fur beasts.
is jimmy(james) williams that was with double exposure group sung tenpercent is he still alive?
If a person was convicted of a crime, served their entire sentence, and once released, new evidence of the old crime was found, would Double Jeopardy apply?
If you could include a recipe or a general list of what you put in your recipe that would be awesome!
I am looking for a very sharp chef knife and want to make sure the knife stays sharp for a long time. Also, I don’t want serrated knives.
Air Reyes
I got me a DVD burner on Black Friday of last year and I am now looking into backing up some of my DVD movies. My burner supports +/-R DL discs, and I want to use these since they can fit the entire movie DVDs without compression. So my question is: what are the advantages and disadvantages of the +R DL format versus the -R DL format? I have looked online, and have not found too much info.
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Small company - owner purchased John Deere lawn tractor and company paid for it along with wife's car payments and gas. Purchases items for company, is paid for them and then leases back to company.
Yup the one I was doing last night... I wound up not going to school cuz my mom just told me to stay home and finish it over the weekend.