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All:I am planning to start online dating reviews website. I am thinking of sagedatingreviews.comBefore I go ahead and start it, i would like your opinion about the meaning.What do you think about the meaning of ? Does it make any sense to users?What would be your understanding or first impression just looking at the domain name?Please advice.
My serious relationships were with guys who loved to cook and were good at it too. Is this the norm now? A little bit of me feels old-fashioned and wants to cook for my man, but mostly I enjoy dinner more when I don't have to make it!!!
?I have T3 internet connection, a static IP of course, and I'm connected all time. So instead of paying for web hosting, I whant to run my website from my own PC, and having a domain name (something like
i only want users to be able to sign on one machine at a time
Currently, I have three servers, but only the DC can browse the network. The other two servers and all clients get a network browse error upon browsing the network.
Windows XP Home computers cannot become members of a Windows Domain.
that was on my block sender list. I cleared all on the list off but got the same message. What does this mean, how do I fix it, or am I the one being blocked ?
I need to connect my laptop to the domain in my home network. I have Windows 2003 SBS and I have Vista Ultimate on my laptop. Everytime I try to connect my laptop it says "An active directory domain controller for the domain ezshi.local could not be contacted". It also says the DNS name does not exist. I'm new to this, any advice?