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Should work in india
I just watched chitty chitty bang bang.( for the millionth time) and they are buying the car for 30 shillings. He acted really suprised, so I'm just wondering how much that is in dollars.
it is my daughters car, but it is my responsibility because it is in my name. i just received the charges dating back two years
Wouldn't that money be better spent on our troops? I'd like to see the justification for this spending. I LOVE racing, but DAMN!
on the condition that you HAD to donate 100% of it to charity - who would you give the money to and why?
we tried to show her she was saving a dollar. She just didn't get it. She demanded to see a manager. No joke. We had a good laugh. She left the store really mad,haha.and no cereal.
For example,, but maybe not as intense, but a basic 32 channel controller. I was looking at some places, but couldn't find any information on how you could do it, but how expensive it could be.