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(is my question a pun?)i hate change and usually shove it in a jar. I try to use my cards when ever possible just so I don't have to deal with change. now there's a new dollar coin, i thought we were trying to phase out coins.
The value of the dollar is decreasing and things are getting expensive.... with the nation jacking up minimum wage and small businesses taking it in the you know what to have to pay more for keeping their help or closing down cause they can't afford to pay their employees. How does the value of the dollar dercrease and what can we do to help make it more valuable? It sounds like were going into a recession....
How do Americans feel now that the Canadian dollar is higher than the American dollar?Do you believe that Canada and the USA should use the same currency or should we each continue to use our own individual currency?
No other currency or a sovereign hallmark has reigned in all parts of the world but dollar. Are we coming to the end of an era that lasted more than half a century? Is dollar losing its attraction as the only global currency?
Where there is a demand, there will always be a supply. Drug busts do not stop the flow of drugs. Even though our Drug War is a complete total failure why do Drug Lords and Law Enforcement advocate keeping drugs illegal?