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Still having trouble getting from FLV converter to Nero DVD burner. It works on Windows Movie files?
Each time I type in Microsoft word every once and a while this symbol pops up and continues to repeat itself until I can get to the backspace button. It has been happening in search bars too. The symbol is '''''
High Tansion
I want to purchace a laptop. It has Works. All the computers at school have Word. I wanted to know if I could type my papers on my laptop on Works and then convert it to Word at school to print it.
I want to know how to move my documents from Word Perfect 12 to Office for Student and Home 2007 . Newbie learning computers.
Different times on different websites, it says I need Adobe Flash Player , I kept downloading and ended up with 7 Adobe Flash Players in my documents that didn't end up in my control panel. And I don't know how to remove them from My Documents. Newbie at computers.