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I already looked it up on the computer. But what I would like to know have you ever taken them did they work for severe pain, and are they addictive? I have vicdodin but won't take them because I know for sure they are addicting!
It has been almost 5 years since I have seen an OBGYN, I am 23, will be 24 in Jan, 07. I was taking the orthoevra Patch for 6 months and then stopped using it! Since then I have had some problems unusual spotting and unusual pains. Is it possible that I could have a cyst? I endometriosis is in my family! Should I be worried? Can anyone help?
We all know about Nurse Kratchet, but who's the doctor?
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have to by the software to delet bugs/errors where can i get a free one that will delet the bugs for me
Everytime I ask her a question she always speaks in medical terms and i dont understand what shes saying, also she told me to look what i have up on the internet, and i have but everytime i get something different. help!