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Cutey With A Booty I wonder... if our economy right now is "strong"... when exactly is our economy ever "weak" then?
question answered depending on the time of day,how well your known,and wheater or not you have an avatar.
I like the content removed review only there is no diplomatic link to get out of the page! No I do not agree.
Bball Star
I'm pretty much just on one side of this concept, but curious about your thoughts since I see this so much.
The discovery of civil rights workers bodies in Mississippi who were murdered by the KKK in 1964 may yet have remain hidden for all time had not this torture been carried out."A judge referred to testimony by Linda Schiro, informant Gregory Scarpa's longtime girlfriend, that Scarpa had assisted the FBI in finding the bodies of slain civil rights workers in Mississippi. In 1964, she said, Scarpa shoved a gun into the mouth of a Mississippi Klansman — a threat that persuaded the man to reveal where the trio's bodies were buried."
to been with your famley and to be greatful for what you got and not what you want also to rember a great guy named jesus