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On upgrading to Windows 7 beta x64 from Vista x64, my DVD (SH-S182D) has been stopped from working due to "Windows cannot verify the digital signature". Is there a work around or a fix?
Still Changing
singles,German and English.Its awesome what these dogs can do.Have you ever had a dog for a disability?
Big B
There used to be an on-line dating service for disabled people called,, however, I cannot seem to find it on-line anymore. I was wondering if anyone knows if the site has shut down.
i mean if we keep autorun for flash drives (thumb drives) enabled and bring some data from a virus infected pc on to our computer and autorun of a virus infected file takes place on that thumb drive, our computer gets infected. after disabling autorun for both cd/dvd and removable drives, is there any threat still existing
I do have some knowledge but my husband wants me to work on a book for him. I don't know what program to use nor how do I save items on a disc. and then use them again. HELP Please.
I had to reinstall Windows Live OneCare. Did so without problem. Created Report Log. Under WLOC Firewall = Firewall's Filter is disabled - Is this due to my turning on Network Discovery? I am a single stand-alone Desktop PC Ethernet 100Mbps connected. Want to make sure I am secure.. Thank you all
On search, The .exe and prefetch file are there... but when double clicked the cursor hourglasses for a second but no worky. The add/remove program area in control panel is not populated with with the program name. This appears to have happened subsequent to a Microsoft update and is terribly unproductive. The OS is XP.
I want that the MSword should not recover any file after i disable the "save AutoRecover info" option.
I am a caregiver for a friend, I need a click safe screen Game, I have 12,697 Recycle Bin Shortcuts,And System Restore Is Tired of Me Knocking on the door.

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