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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
This is an attemp to find a regestry edit or something like that to give restricted users the ability to enable a wireless card without giving them full access through active directory.
System came pre-installed with MS-Works, but I needed MS-Office for work. But every time I try to open any document/spreadsheet etc.. the MS-Works component appears to be the 'default' software that is used to open the document/spreadsheet. But, what I MUSt have is the MS-Office component used to open the Word/Excell file. Please help !!
I need to get into the Initial Setup on my phone (Menu>Extras>Settings>Intitial Setup) so that I can reset the settings, but my phone won't enter the Initial Setup menu when I push the OK or Select button. When I first got the phone, however, I could got into the Initial Setup at any time without problem.It's a Razr V3c. I did contact Motorola, but they weren't of much help. All they could say is, "Send it in, we'll fix it, but it will cost you money even though you got the phone just a couple weeks ago and it should still be under warranty." I am getting annoyed here and need help.
My sister claims the latest Windows Update disabled her pc because it is not genuine. I haven't heard of this. Anybody else?
Bill And Kath
my friend and I want to few eachothers web cam,but Mafees has a firewall block on it. I disabled the firewall, yet its still blocked
i have used the steps but my compaq doesnt show local users and groups in computer management
Firefox is just terrific, but I find the sliding effect the yellow information bars it displays quite irritating. Can't I do something to make it just appear instead of scrolling into view, and scrolling the whole page with it? On slow computers, that's a really annoying issue.Thanks!
I looked all around the net and the sites only included buttons like esc, del. etc..
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