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Tags: directly
Have about 5.2 GB of old home movies on a single DVD and want to make copies for relatives. My computer has an older RW/DVD-ROM drive that will copy only on lower capacity DVDs. None of the blank DVDs I've seen hold more than about 4 to 5 GB. Question: Can I copy the 5.2 GB movies directly to an 8 GB flash drive? If so, would it be possible to play the movies by simply inserting the flash drive into a USB port to access the movies. Thanks for any help on this.
*¨*ana Carolina*¨*
Hi, could tell your story about how your partner and you started your relationship. At the very beginning when you both were strangers. This is for my study research for sociology. Please give all the details you want. Thanks for your sharing your lovely story with us ^_^
I have Usb mic Samson C01U which i connect to laptop. It works great and records everything just fine. The dilema is:I need it to stream sound directly into speakers (like FULL DUPLEX sound cards do) BUT as it is in no way connected to sound card - the sound is not going there. Why i need it? To use with a karaoke software. Any software that could do it in real time ...Thanks in advance.
videocamera (i have the usb for that) does anyone know a program that can do this???