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For the last few years I have seen less and less bugs. I probably only seen a few bees and wasps. I leave my terrace screen window door open a bit for my cats. There are not any flies coming in. Is the end really coming? Has mother nature gotten fed up with her tenants damaging her rental space on earth and is evicting the human infestation?RICHARD
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life throws you a curve ball? I've noticed several people wallow in depression, drink or do drugs to escape from life, while others are more methodical with their problem solving skills.
to the drugs used in the 60's and 70's? Are we just more "aware"? Or are the illegal drugs of today that much worse?
different methods? different drugs for lethal injections? Abolishing it completely?
"Like "the dog"s looking at me" or "I'm getting ready to puke up a furball... or "Daddy's home"
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My friend took her chihuahua to the veterinarian because it was itching, and there were no live fleas on the dog. Veterinarian said she found a piece of cat flea poop on the dog. Weird.
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I'm sure there are a ton of dog breeds. Can somebody share a list of them?And, obviously, it's a matter of opinion... but which dog breed do you think is best? Why?