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i had the top portion of my rodeo replaced and they didnt mark any of the vacuum hoses and where to hook them back up. now i have another person putting it back together, but doesnt know where the hoses go. i cant find any diagrams or anything similar anywhere HELP
I have a new Ford stock radio with the "world plug" and an AMP plug. I would like to know what pins do what in the AMP plug. I can not find anything anywhere for it. It has 3 rows of pins on it and is on most radios 1998 and up. ALSO, IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE I CAN FIND THE PIN OUT OR WIRE COLOR CODES OF A 1997 MERCURY MOUNTAINEER/ 1996 FORD EXPLORER WITH A GRAY POWER PLUG-8 PIN AND A 9 WIRE, (-16 PIN HOLE BLACK PLUG),PLEASE POST THOSE LINKS. Please help. Thanks