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More clearly, what input devices do you use? A appropriate answer would be "For my mouse I use a Logitech G5 gaming mouse and for my keyboard I have a Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard."
Tags: devices
I am looking to buy one of the portable GPS devices for my car and looked at Garmin, Tom-Tom and a couple of other brands....Any advice?
your done converting is the dvd video still on the dvd so i can still watch it in the dvd player
I just got a new bluetooth dongle for my laptop and I haven't configured it to use with anything yet but I'd like to be able to sync my Palm Life Drive but what else could I do with it?
I have an unknown device attached via USB and I want to probe the device for un-advertised info about the device such as its s/n, chip type(s), anything else about the device without having a device driver or knowing how to communicate proprietarily with the device.
More specifically, is ARM architecture itself responsible for ARM based CPUs consuming less power, or are x86 based CPUs (for mobile devices) more power hungry only because nobody (Intel and others) has made them power saving yet?So is the architecutre (ISA etc) itself responsible for power saving, or is there some other reason?
I am looking for wired or wireless compactflash networking devices for a PDA running LINUX. The devices appear to have gone the way of the dinosaur:-)
Ray E
I have a radio/cd player/tape player/ 2xCPU hooked up to about 10 speakers in surround sound formation and each section is controllable via my CPU, Is it a Sound system or a Stereo?EDIT: oh yeah, and an MP3 Jack