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System is an Averatec XP SP 2 with all vendor & MS patches. I can boot from the CD but once the OS is running the device no longer shows up in the Device manager so I know the hardware is working. I loaded many applications from CDs before it quit working. When I reload the OS it will work for a while and then it quits working. Not always at the same point so it does not appear to be a specific application that causes the problem.
my Hp laptop dvd player with this model number. HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T30L ATA Device. tells me that the drivers are missing or corrupt. where do i find the drivers to download it again
A-Image scannerB-CPUC-MonitorD-Printer
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
This is an attemp to find a regestry edit or something like that to give restricted users the ability to enable a wireless card without giving them full access through active directory.
There is no bluetooth devices icon available in Control Panel?But in device manager I can see bluetooth bus enumerator and dell wireless 355 bluetooth module already installed/available?Please suggesr the driver/files and links to resolve this issue???Thanks,
after i moved my computer to another place and reconnected it there was no more sound. the error tells me to do this. but i'm haveing so much truble with getting into add hardware. ... can someone please help me fast!.....?Thank you, in advance.