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Do Chows develop a wrinkled muzzle or does it start smooth and become wrinkled with maturation?
My client has an antiquated system for controlling his development/production environment. I need to replace because there is no longer any support for this package. Need development control and integration techniques. Been on internet - no one can match this system.
whats hot at the moment within pc development i.e c# and .net
For those of you out there using Scrum, do you have Program Managers on your Scrum teams, and if so, what are their roles and/or responsibilities as opposed to using the traditional waterfall method?
How many developers were there, what did it cost to make, how long, etc.
I'm a programmer. Every company I've worked for has required programmers to include a copyright statement in the header block of every source code file. What is this for? I can guess it has to do with protecting intellectual property in the even that the code goes outside the company, but what about internal apps? That code will probably NEVER leave the premesis.
ask yourself whether you believe all the influences have been positive once.Think about how you might avoid negative influences on your values in the future