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Chi Chi, The Bad-assed Afro-kitty
Poor little guy cries out in pain when he first gets up in the morning. He limps around after playing fetch with the frisbee (i guess he's had too many hard landings over the years) and is just generally turning into a grumpy old dog. He's the best dog I've ever had and has been a wonderful companion. I hate to see him in pain. Any advice is welcome.
please, how can i build a 3D game, what softwares are used for developing 3D game. what websites show method to built a 3D game.
Solar power for calculators, heating, why not development as a alternate fuel source? Oh it'sFree , I Forgot.
Rid ourselves of the only Republican energy plan of the past 35 years. Might as well renegotiate those leases, while we are at it.