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Keith Viera
Infrstructure investment compounding knowledge into superior returns creating job growth pulling low to moderate incomes into higher paying tax breaks to trickle down on the higher income level, true competive capitalism.
Most IT professionals would agree that IT support, end-user support, or IT helpdesk is no way to develop specialty/experttise where one can excel and make big bucks. I am at IT helpdesk career level. I would like to get into more specialized area that requires MINIMUM TO MEDIUM level of interaction. I am not a very sociable person even though it will probably change a little. What do you think is right avenue of course to pursude in IT industry for someone who does not have sociable personality but who really wants to develop an expertise and get appreciateable salary?I like Unix/Linux system commands, shell scripting. I am willing to teach myself Oracle (which runs on Unix/Linux). However, I know Microsoft SQL Server is easier than Oracle. Can someone advise please? If you'd like I can provide more details with comments. Thanks.
HDDVD has many standard unique features, such as PiP and interactive menus etc.These Features could extend the feature set and broader appeal of the current DVD-PG standard.HDDVD-PGs could also be exclusive to Xbox 360 as in they would be unplayable on PS3 which supports Blu-Ray.MS could take the first step though and create standard and dev tools so that established DVD-PG game creators like Illusion Soft could start making them and do so with confidence that they will be purchased in volume (requiring a wider adoption of HDDVD addons per 360 unit on the market.)What do you think? Would you buy HDDVD-PGs?They could be adapted to all kinds of markets, education, presentation of adapted books (like super audio books that include HD picture/video to go along with the story without being movies).
i have had my home theater system hooked up to my computer 4 a while, then 1 day the hum popped up, changed the connection to the headphone jack, hum, changed sound card; needed new 1 anyway, and hum. is there anything i can do to stop the speakers from humming in the back ground?
Ace Investor
Two ovaries, one follice produced during the menstrual cycle...Why not two at once if there are two ovaries?
Can anyone tell me how I can get a copy of procedures on server cashiering and purchase cashier bank wallets
Sacramento Community Family Resources.