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they tried it, or know someone who did........... I mean, don't they THINK ?????
Last night, Microsoft sent an update, I ran it, and went to sleep. This morning, my little guy was frozen on the update. I turned him off, and waited an hour, and re-booted. I got to my screen, and when I tried to open a program- he froze- no response at all. What is up, and what can I do ? I have pulled the plug, and waited, and then re-booted again, nothing. Any ideas will be much, much appreciated !
System error detailsCode: 0x80070643Description: Fatal error during installation.
looking at new motherboards, don't know how much of a difference 2.0 would be.
I was running XP and Vista in Dual boot (XP was on first) and I used Paragon Partiton Manager to delete the partition that XP was on, because I am happy with Vista, but now, when I boot, my computer tells me that it cannot boot from the drive, I have full access to all the files as I am now running UBUNTU in live CD, please help me!
i got a new hp laptop the problem is when i open my windows it takes long time to open and most of the services doesnt work when i tried starting them it wont work each service gives me it`s own error please anybody with genius mind tell me the solution and when i tried using ''msconfig'' nothing works
Simply Splendid Sgnatures
my laptop is proprietary and i wana add a hardrive is it safe to add an external hardive to my ibm think pad laptop system. Let me re-phrase the question will it work to help my video editing space.
A lot of Christian denominations believe in the Rapture, and for many non-Christians the scenario makes sense. I am wondering where the Rapture is described as the catalyst for Anti-Christ's rise on the political scene and the catalyst for Armageddon.