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One of my children's public school teacher recently told his students that coal burning was part of the reason why the ozone layer is being depleted and contributing to Global Warming. This is the first time I ever heard anything like this. Burning coal for heat or for energy is destroying the ozone layer? Wow.If you have any information on this, please share and give your opinion if you believe this to be true or not and why? Thanks.
I would like to know if the shelter which is in Georgia dekalb county animal shelter still has her and how long do they keep animals before killing them. I need to know I couldn't sleep last night thinking about it.
Anyone know of a good hacker that would love to destroy a company?
i am asking about those nuts out there that think it is fun to tear up thousands of computers with viruses.
....a horrible phone,and it was a prepaid, so it can't be re-used with a different phone company, the old phone and phone company both were horrible.