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I would like someone to design clothing for the growing populace. Not just the rotund ones, but the taller sort. I can get plenty of shirts with a 56" chest, but they all stop at my bellybutton. I need pants that are 48" waist and a 36" length. There are plenty of 36" length.... in a 40" waist, and plenty of 48-56" waists..... with a 26-30" length.Please save me from a life of extra-large half-shirts and giant man-capris!
How can my Pops become a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show introducing his line of beautiful shoes to her? Having shoes that will not hurt is what we have been waiting for.
I'm looking for good HTML table design styles where I can I find these
Tags: designs
I would like to frame my works in either needle point, embrodrary, or silkscreening. Wo would I contact for something as this?