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It seems to me that people are becoming more and more obsessed with the latest and greatest technology, designed and manufactured to do just about everything for us. Need the lawn mowed, turn on the remote mower. Need a margarita, turn on the blender (I can understand this one). Only 5 minutes to cook a meal? Pop it in the microwave. Televisions, radios (rapidly becoming obsolete), MP3 players, phones, cars, video games and computers… All of them expected to be made faster, smarter and easier to use. Instead of doing something for yourself, buy a machine to do it for you, which brings us back to the question. Are we becoming too dependent on technology?I for one have been using the computer less often these days. Apart from a sore tail bone and a scraped knee, I'm doing just fine on my bicycle after 20 years. It shouldn't be long before I get out on the road and start traveling around town. It may not be as fast, safe or as smart as the modern cars, but I don't have to pay for gas.