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Will it cause you to lay off workers or inflate your prices to keep them?
Will Rudy appeal to the independant voter?Will Rudy appeal to the moderate Democrat and/or moderate Republican?Are you glad he is running and why?Or could you careless?
Just post your desires, here, and I will be glad to supply you with a list of the rich people in your area, you can send your money to.
The last time I remember a Republican President balancing the budget was when President Eisenhower was leaving office. I remember him saying it when I was around 8 years old. I don't recall ever hearing it from another Republican President and will check shortly to see how many budgets have ever been balanced. If you truly believe the Democrats are the ones responsible for spending, back it up with facts. Can you do a comparison of Presidents and balanced budgets?
Help build irrigation systems, and industry in Mexico instead of Africa?If we help our neighbor it would probably be beneficial to the whole continent I would think.How do you feel about issues like this?
There were republicans that did not want to vote for this bailout of Wall Street and John McCain changed their minds and brought them together to work on a plan that would benefit the tax payers, but after hearing Pelosi's ignorant partisan speech they said "forget it." The republicans worked just as hard on coming up with the proposed plan and Pelosi turned it into a political bashing of the Bush administration. The dems are majority in congress and if they feel this is so important then they should have asked Obama to talk to those 96 or 94 dems who voted no and Obama should have made a stand one way or the other. He still hadn't gave his answer as a yes or no for this proposed plan. Per usual, he probably would have voted "present."
When folks in church give money to help those less fortunate, is that closer to the economic policies of one party or the other? If so, how?
Let me guess, "its to late' "it will take years" "there is not much oil". What stupid excuses are there? Yes we need alternative fuel sources, but they are even farther down the road. I say GO DRILL.
since sweeping the election. Weren't they supposed to do 19 things in the first 100 hours? What happened and how can we get on track?
Here are the Presidential terms and the increase in GDP calculated from: Jr. +8.75%Clinton. +17.87%Clinton +13.53%Bush Sr. +8.81%Reagan. +15.98%Reagan. +12.63%Carter. +13.67%Nixon-Ford. +10.62%Nixon. +12.38%Johnson. +21.81%Kennedy-Johnson. +19.86%Eisenhower. +10.91%Eisenhower. +13.45%Truman. +21.00%Here are the increases of debt/GDP: are the jobs created by Presidential term:​ms
Now that the Pelosi Gang is under the gun it must be okay now.