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Padraic Mcgrath
It's been said that if you die in your dreams, you'll die in real life. But what would constitute death in a dream? A fall from a great height? If you can dream you can fly, you can dream you can survive such a fall. Being shot? Again, how realistically is the bullet wound being portrayed? Being decapitated? Again, body part seperation in a dream is not always realistic in a dream. Feeling of trauma & life slipping away? That may be the most likely, but the dream may be more the result than cause of that. People die in their sleep all the time, & if someone's on the edge, a traumatic dream may push them over it. I know I've had reams I was passing out, woke up right away, fully alert & feeling no residual trauma. Maybe I was slipping into consciousness.Is there an objective way to define dying in a dream? If there was truly a form of dying in a dream that your body couldn't survive, how would we know the deceased dreamed it & how would we know what it was?
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what do you think encompasses the word passion. Define a passionate person.
I know this has been asked before but I'm curious again..heh.
I consider myself a moderate Republican, which means to me being conservative with the law as in the death penalty, a tougher stance on parole, supporting the war, yet I'm more liberal with abortion, gay rights and the legalization of prostitution.
Not many know what define Deaf Culture. I'm curious to see what answers have been offered.
Cutey With A Booty
Just curious. I am not a American tv buff enough to know. In fact, I wasn't even in USA until last few years :-)