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I've got Windows XP and I've played movies before and have no idea why it won't work now.
Windows media player says it cant play DVD'S because there is no dvd decoder? Can you tell me where to get one for free?
Whiter Than God
A close friend recently purchased a DVD/cd player for his HP Presario. and he says that he needs a "WIN decoder" (or something along those lines).Is there a 'site' where I can get this decoder for free? His computer will show pictures, etc., but no sound comes out.TYVM for your help!!!
I want to rip dvds that I own to my Hard Drive and I don't have a Dvd decoder, so will it still play it?
I am trying to watch a movie on my computer and it says there in no decoder available ~ thx
i tried to play a disk on my computer that i got for xmas and got the messages that i did not have a decoder connected.