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financial crisis? does this action help the US in any way?What are your thoughts?
site. If money is in question, then I can give my old friend Bill G. a call and work something out.
I have a 99 Sunfire GT that I baught 2 years ago for 1500. The guy that sold it told me that the only problem with the car is the computer! I borrowed a friends computer for my car. no changes were noticed. so I put the cpu back in and bring the car to the garage. the mechanic told me some giberish and I told him "fix it" lol so he fixed the problem and the same day driving through the tim hortons drive through I hear the motor knocking. I go back to the garage and the mechanic tells me the motor is finished! after 200$ spent on the motor. I find a motor from a 2003 and put it in my car for 800$ fan motor isn't working and car skips beats. been driving the car as is. (bfs useless) the tranny fluid leaks! ran out of fluid 3 times! the motor for the sunroof doesn't work. this week I found a 2002 Rendezvous CXL for $7500. Im scared Ill regret it cause of gas price and maybes! do I sell my car for 2500 or keep the car and try for a loan for 7500? PLZ HELP :o(
Can't decide whether to get a car, station wagon or truck to replace my current vehicle. Need something to pull a utility trailer, but don't want a V6, since I will use it for driving to work as well.