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which one is a better breed between a cane corso and the french mastiff ? i need a rugged family dog that can handle hot weather and cold weather,a good guard dog at the same time
Rayne & Maui
A. The Bible says women shouldn't speak in churchB. The Bible says homosexuality is wrongC. The Bible says it is wrong to killHow do you choose which to follow?
Gemz Star!
Do you ever read one of your postings and just groan? Sometimes I stare in disbelief. Thank you, God, for the coffee I'm about to receive...
My computer runs DDR SD-RAM currently with 2x256MB i plan on buying between 1-2 GB of ram in GB sticks i cant figure what's good for price with latency rating as well as voltages for my computer-currently have speedfan which seems to display my memory voltage as 2.5V
Do not know what's decent prices for Latency ratingalso what voltage to buy for my system-i have speedfan program that seems to say i have 2.5V on my RAM