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What cultures or religions observe this custom? Do you think you would be breaking any laws in your town if your family decided to practice this custom? Would you be able to carry this out if it were asked of you by a loved one?
away.He came to me for his nails,followed me from another shop just to see me,meanwhile his wife got her nails done down the road where i used to work,but would drop him off cause he was to sick to drive anymore. One day i got a phonecall he was gone....Anyway,to get to the point of the story,in the dream he was sitting next to me ,peaceful.He did not look sick anymore at all,gave me a smile,and said,<"boy the last manicure you gave me really held up".That is all i remember,but the dream was so,CLEAR! Do you think he was telling me,he was at peace?
I received by mail from her attorney accounting for her trust fund. Her checking and savings accounts were not in with this accounting. Both banking accounts were suppose to have gone to the attorney and executor upon death. Can we legally subpoena these accounts for audit?
note are referred to as?A-nonrequest exemplarsB-corpora delictiC-questioned documentsD-locator evidence
When my 1st husband passed away they demanded our childrens SS checks and told our children (thier grandchildren) that since thier dad is dead they mean nothing to them and never want to hear from them or see them ever again. They also told our children they could not have anything from thier dads home, not even thier clothes that where there.