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debate the benefits and drawbacks of market and mixed economies
Amazing Guy
There is a Q on QnA now which has sparked a heated debate over a comment that men do not cheat on a woman when their needs are being filled. The argument is that the statement blames women for men's infidelity and more or less makes a man blameless and gives them permission to use the excuse they weren't getting enough at home, the other counter arguments are that a man can and will still stray even when a woman pleases him in every way. Is it a true or false statement that the only reason a man cheats is because he isn't satisfied by his woman? Or are there other factors involved? Please keep your answers above board, this is not marked for MC
Someone who can be aggressive and not get angry, admit defeat, and is not too good to be sarcastic at times.
Tags: debate
(1) Truth, as in know your Holy Bible...So many folks claim to be Christians but have no idea what they believe. Study to show thyself approved a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Holy Word of Truth!(2) I'm a pro-life being, strongly against taking the life of an innocent. Anti-abortion issues have been upfront and personal to me.(3) Religions claiming to be peaceable that promote terrorism, killing all that don't follow them, promoting lies, abusing and killing others, promoting violence.(4) Those who promote immorality, dysfunction in society, corruption, lies.(5) there will of course be things I can't recall until after I post this q. LOL OX :)) CE
Citizens that get a high school diploma or less are competing for the same jobs that immigrants with higher education are willing to work. The immigrants are happy to have job (a legal job with benefits), show more respect to other workers, do their job - no complaining -.Instead of complaining about immigration, why don't we set higher standards for our children and set higher standards of excellance in us as workers of this great nation. What do you think?