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Amazing Guy
My vote gets cast to the one who has the most creative not to mention useful way of turning his grumpy woman into a purring kitty cat. Women, feel free to chime in if you have a method that works on you and you feel inclined to reveal the secret to the guys... ; )
Carolina Chuck
so can anyone help with windows xp updates numbered 925672..... and 925673 ? i cant find them in my installed updates list in add/ or remove programs... where am i supossed to be looking?
A job posting stated that the potential new hire must prove CSI performance. Never hear the terminology before, need to know what it stands for.
If the issue is speed, cops are just like any other people-they are open to persuasion. A good point to make it that you're a lot more alert at 95 then you are at 55. Speeding is a well-known way to control driver fatigue. - Cop should laugh and let you go.