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vehicle is 2001 Ford Windstar Van with under 62000 actual miles Ser # 2FMZA51481BA95910 THAT HAS A ENGINE KNOCK WHEN COLD AND IS ALMOST NOT NOTICEABLE WHEN ENGINE AT AVERAGE TEMP.
Purchased a new car in Washington, changed my mind and tried to take it back 12 hours later. It was a very large dealership. Aren't there rules on returning a car with in 5 day or something like that?
I was charged $9000. over the n.a.d.a. retail price. This is not a rare or antique car! The salesman led me to believe the car was worth $34k (the price of a '07). The retail n.a.d.a. price on a 2001 mercedes C240 is under $18k. I was charged $27k at an used car dealer.
Aman Bea:)
notice said to get it fixed immediately. dealer said he wouldn't have part for months.