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and has done great, but her husband left her a few weeks ago and I am suspecting she is doing something again, how should I approach her? Although I don't think it is meth, i think it is a lot of pills daily.....
Hippogriff Lover
Since it has been 23 years since we were together, it is a little confusing on this calling stuff. I called and he wasn't home. Do I continue to call?
Hippogriff Lover
He said if he wasn't home he would call me later and we would get together soon, what does that mean? Can't he just be honest with what he wants? It has been 24 years since we have been together and we slept together last week after 24 years. He said he wanted to see me again. Should I trust him and wait or call him?
Little Bear
We were married 18 years and divorced on good terms. we have five kids. All the older kids thinks its a great idea for both of us to date other people except our 15 yr.old. She seems to think its ok for her dad to date but got up-set when i wanted to go on a date. I cancelled my date due to this causing so much termoil in her. I've tried to discuss this with her but to no avail. Can someone shed some insight on this subject for me please.
That means the police are sure she killed her, doesn't it? If so, what has the campaign to find her kidnapper been all about? Isn't there still a lot more to this case than meets the eye?
to ask permision to do this on you tube.... when theres no contact email for her web page..... shall i just upload this??? we are singing along and im huming along to these two my daughters singing this one and im humming this one..... what should I do??? i dont mind my ones haveing to go but my daughters rendition i really wouldnt want to go....... any suggestions?????
we will be there about a month just to visit my half sister and her family.. and my boyfriend