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My spouse passed away peacefully in his sleep. The coroner ruled it was death by natural causes. (Whew!) Now that he has been cremated, and is safely in a beautiful -- but decidedly masculine -- urn, the rest of us are trying to get on with life. I just wonder how long is long enough.(You can probably come up with more interesting and maybe even FUN answers if you pretend like you believe this to be true. But don't really believe it, Okay?)
Now...should I just relax? But, then it will just be like we're friends again.. and I know we both want more..but are kinda new to the whole dating scene. What should I talk about and what should I not talk about?I'm confused.
Likaboo requires potential members to submit photographs that are judged for attractiveness before you're allowed to join. If you don't get above an 8 by the judges, you're out.Whatcha think?
A friend and her boyfriend have been together for over a year and a half and have only broken up once. They both really love each other, but really they've only totally been with each other. Her parents just said they think that she is not fond of him any more and she said they were wrong. They both want to have a future together. Her parents think she should test the waters, but she doesn't want too. What is your opinion? Can you fall in love and be happy with only one person, rather than testing the waters??? What would you do in this sitution, stay with or break up? and how?
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There are so many to choose from, just wondering which has the best results.