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Is Blu-ray really the standard the industry will stick with or should customers waiting to make sure be4 jumping in?BackgroundThe New York Times CompanyDVDs, Hollywood’s Profit Source, Are Sagging By BROOKS BARNES Published: November 20, 2008
As a communication line provider I purchase additional lines for future customers, the lines I have in use now are operating cost , but the lines I am paying for but not using stand idle. How can I defer these unused lines to improve or show my true growth?
We have started a new business and have a sign that meets the town code requirements. Any ideas on how to get cars to stop and come in?
Specifically, I would like to know if a business can list their customers businesses' names without any consent of their customers. I run a small business and would like to post such names, but I don't want to go through the hassle of asking for permission.