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Himalayan Style
Worldwide currency value.
There has been speculation in the last couple of months that 'we' (the world) would be better off with a Global Currency. Right now, most global markets are based off of the top three, Dollar, Euro and Yen. What would happen if we just joined them into one currency, some refer to it as the DEY. Would it work? Would it fail? Why? And if Waldo doesn't want to be found, why doesn't he change that stupid shirt?
Andy, Da Man.
I can't help but wonder if perhaps a coop style currency may be able to resolve some of the troubles that our industries are facing. The opening of an independant credit market does have a few advantages:, do let me know as to what your take on this is. Thank you.
Still in the area of international financial management debates.
Hi anybody knows a good place to open an IRA account to trade FOrex currency in in, or who works as a custodian and work with a Forex broker so that we can legally trade currency in our IRA? Thanx
I am browsing the internet looking for information how to open a business in illinois but it doesnt give results. Any currency owner able to answer?