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I don't mean to be so morbid but I'm dealing with an empending death in the family and I'm just curious of your views on this. Have you thought about it? Have you made specific plans for yourself? Have you discussed it with your family?
The Oracle
sharks? The woodchipper? Ashes into space? Into the sea?....What is your wish...and please explain why.....First good answers urns Best Answer points.
No one wants this persons cremains. She did terrible things to other people in her lifetime and none of her relatives or 'friends' wants her ashes. Not even the 'friend' whom she left her estates and bank accounts to. Are there any laws against disposing of them in a garbage?
The Oracle
beneficial for the survivors and they can repeatedly visit what are usually beautiful, serene, settings, But land is becoming scarcer and scarcer (I Germany, land is SO scarce, they double deck burials.) and also less oxygen gets put into the air. Also, funerals are ridiculously expensive- you can buy a car for what they charge. Cremation on the other hand (perhaps this is why the Jewish folks get the whole thing over with quick- maybe they have something there.) is quick, cheap, saves land....and has other interesting options, lie having the ashes shot into outer space. Also has a biblical know......'ashes to ashes'....So what is your take?