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Infrstructure investment compounding knowledge into superior returns creating job growth pulling low to moderate incomes into higher paying tax breaks to trickle down on the higher income level, true competive capitalism.
Curious George
To create a folder to hold files for a specific use.
A-drawing toolbarB-clip art galleryC-drawing canvasD-format painter
I've got a recurring problem with the taskbar & desktop icons disappearing & i don't know how to get them back permanetely & Microsoft should've had a damn patch for this problem years ago. I'm damn tired of having to " Stomp on my system to reinstall the OS!
I am totally new to creating websites. I am looking to create a site such as etc.What language would be best to start out with? I've heard Visual Basic is a good starting point? Any input is aprecaited!
One came with my HP dvd write but has dissappeard in our last move. Any free software would be great but if i have to i will purchase one. let me know
In the past i have been able to simply right click on an object and click send to mail recipient and have been able to email from my current email address set up in internet options. however since i have this new computer with vista on it, it will only allow email from a microsoft email address.