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-I drink a protein shake in the morning for breakfast, which has an appetite suppressant. -At lunch, I eat a large bowl of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and yellow sweet carrots with one slice of cheese melted on top.-For dinner, I eat a bowl of Total cereal, which has 100% of my daily vitamins. -I drink lots of water all day, and if I feel like snacking, I can have a fresh bell pepper or an orange. What do you think, am I getting enough out of my diet to lose weight but still be healthy? (swim suit season is coming up you know!.. lol)
I think, therefore I am, so there is a soul, unlike animals who have instinct instead of thought.
Mtn? G?l N?rma just go there and type in why you want to be in it and then wait to be accepted. It works well. I hope all of our regulars find their way there. So far there are about 30 people accepted and I am sure many more just waiting to be. The site only has room for 1000 members so hurry if you want in....See you there I hope
Mac....of Moot And Mac
there were, but with my limited knowledge of computers, I believe it was an undertaking that involved many. They gave us a venue where we could meet, greet and debate the wonders of the universe.......the ridiculous intricacies of Government and the nuances of everyday life. We made friends and enemies......fought many battles and came out on the winning side more often than not. Moot and I made two friends for life in the QnA Marriage of Stichybutt and T-Man.......Qna also presented them with a beautiful plaque honoring them on their special day. Moot and I represented QnA and were proud to do it. Many of you have made friends you will keep forever. My sitting down with Billykid and drinking a cold beer in the Atlanta airport is priceless....he will visit us in the summer at our newly rebuilt home.