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It's important to get your heart pumping and keep your muscles in good condition/shape - have you tried any workout at home routines and if so, have you been able to sustain and meet your goals around these workout routines?
the Creator was going to do. When God had Adam's rib in his hand, Dog jumped and snatched the rib from out of the hand of God. The Lord wasn't quick enough to catch Dog, and all the Lord got was a piece of Dog's tail. Dog was gone through the fields and was running to save man from a world trouble...woman.The Lord looked at the stub from Dog's tail and said "I'll just have to work with what I have", and he proceeded to make woman!
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No Skinny
A lot of people tout Frida as being this beautiful and "tragic" heroine of art culture.Her story truely is sad....she was in a terrible bus accident that left her bedridden for a year! Her pelvis was shattered and all her tries to have a baby ended in miscarriage.She was on pain medication and had a limp...she had a up and down relationship with Diego Rivera and ended up "overdosing" on her medication.If you are familiar with her you will know the controversy over her "inspiration" for her dark it her own pain and suffering? Or was it a great way for her to "sell" on her pain?
I'm trying to create MRS agar. Previously I used nutrient agar but apparently that did not work out too well hehe. Is the "agar" that i'm meant to use the same ones I could buy in supermarkets? How expensive is the agar I'm supposed to get to create MRS?
Can anyone in simple terms tell me how color and composition of paintings helps to heal?
I am create an MS Access program so that someone can go into the form and edit a record and such. The information on that form needs to be saved in an actual file, placed inside the folder I choose so that I can open that up and bring it back to that form.Example: I haveForm_1_WelcomeForm_2_QuestionsForm_3_SummaryEach form has a "Save and Exit" and a "Save and Continue" button. The very first form I will input the location I want it to be saved and the to which I would like it saved as and then every time it gets through with a form and the user goes to "Save," it will save their spot. So if they were in Form_2_Questions and they hit save and exit, they could go back to that particular file (say we call it Information_1), and it will start that user back at Form_2_Questions with everything that has been updated on the form.Get it? If not let me know, otherwise how could this be done?Thanks!
im confused what to name my dvd shop pls help
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