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only in the US, what decade between 1970 and today, had the WORST plane crashes?im just curious......and has any plane crash in the US ever stick out to you the most?
Tags: crashes
When I try to Install Linux on my computer, the Install crashes. This is the NVidia GeForce card doing this I guess. anyway, I've already had to reinstall WIndows XP over again and I usually dual boot between Windows XP and SuSE Linux 10.2. Have any ideas?
see question.Some times it crashes on drop down boxes, sometimes it crashes on buttons, usually it crashes on the 10 "input" thing.The whole internet is full of forms and "input" tagged buttons, which I can't avoid. Help!!oh and I installed Windows Live Oncare 2 beta which automatically disabled my windows defender before this happened, but uninstalling it plus enabling windows defender didn't work and my system restore feature was turned off completely at the time of installation.
The Only Thing In My Pc Not Upgraded Is The Graphics Card,Is That The Culprit?
If that happens, can I take out the fard drive, make it a slave drive, insert it in a working pc, and use "my computer" to view the files on the hard drive?
I have just re-installed Vista Ultimate on my Presario V2000 series laptop, and suddenly whenever I put my computer into Sleep (or hibernate) it crashes and turns off after a few minutes. This wasn't happening before the re-install, but since It is fresh (after windows "Updates"), I don't know what could be the problem.
My system has two hard disks "c" for XP and "d" , this is strange that my xp crashes when I store or retrieve files/programs on my "D" hard disk.Any one can tell me whats going on?, and a solution, I have tried re-installing xp but this problem keeps coming back after a while.
I have a Studio Dell Computer with preinstalled windows vista SP1. I have installed W7 RC so when the computer try to read a disc (cd or dvd), windows explorer crashes again and again. It occurs with W7 RC x64 and x86. Before (with windows vista), the drive worked well, I've been seeking by internet (sony optiarc web) but they don't have updates for my drive. I would like to check W7 but in this way it is no easy. Waiting for your soon answer. Regards
2 accidents, 3 fender benders and 1 bad one on a motorcycle, I got one to go.