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My girl, I think she's seeing someone else now, without me knowing. And that someone else is my cousin (lets just call him Joe). Now, I'm not for sure, but I was in the car with my brothers and one of my other cousins, and he was telling my brothers about how my other cousin (joe), about his girl saying "she has a little weight but she doesnt look bad..but her mom is ugh." and thats the same with my girl, she does have a little bit of weight, but still looks good, and her mom, yea, she is "ugh." I know she use to have a crush on him when we all use to work together, but they quit talkin for a whlie cuz he quit workin there. but I know she's talked to him again recently and now I dont know for a fact my cousin is with her or if its just a coincidence,that the description sounds like my girl, but I suspect that they are together. any suggestions?
The men ( 16 of them) have gotten themselves drunk all the time, that they do crazy things,that has been causing there deaths....
just got word from my sister that a little cousin of mine has died. he was on the playground and fell off of the monkey bars. he was in the fourth grade. as far as they know, his injuries were not external. pray for his soul and his parents. see you all tomorrow at the qna. thnx & God bless.
the credit burea told him he needs a credit card but he got denied by 3 already do you have any suggestion on what card will accept him something with a low credit fund like 300$ or something like that
government has hired a chinese and iranian company to build energy production facilities in Iraq for the Iraqis'. Isn't this a slap in the face of the US?